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Answers are based on the results from a survey conducted in February of 2021. The correct or popular answers are based on what was true prior to February 2021. The terms "popular" or "famous" are based on the survey results and should not be considered definitive or conclusive. The survey conducted was not a scientific survey. If you would like us to conduct scientific surveys for our games, please subscribe.
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Click some of the answer buttons above. After you click a button, it will turn green if it is a correct/best answer or it will turn red if it is an incorrect answer. You will lose 5 points for each incorrect selection. After 3 incorrect selections you have to go to the next question.
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Game instructions
  1. After you start the game you will see a question with multiple possible answer.
  2. Choose the best answers from the multiple choices presented.
  3. For each question, if you choose 3 incorrect choices you have to move to the next question.
  4. You have 60 seconds for each question. Good luck!
* Select answers that were true on or prior to March 2021.
1 Your accuracy is based on the percentage of correct answers you select. For example, accuracy = (total_correct / total_selected) * 100.
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