CP Sound Sampler
Click the buttons to play or stop the audio. You can click more than once for a repeating effect.
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Sound Sampler Information
The CP Sound Sampler is totally free. Feel free to bookmark this page and use these sounds for your party or event. If you plan to use Sound Sampler for an event be sure to click on each sound sample to hear how it sounds. Note that when you click on a sound it will most likely load into your cache, which makes it load faster when you click it again.
Note that at the top of the Sound Sampler (next to the title CP Sound Sampler) you have links for Stopping All Sounds as well as a volume control slider.
We will be adding new sounds as time permits. We typically create sounds ourselves. If we can't create a sound we will find one that is free for public use. If you're not a member, Sign Up today. We can can notify you when new sounds are added.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us feedback.
Sound Sharing Info (for Zoom)
When playing music or sound effects it's best to share your computer sound. For tips on how to share your computer sound see this Zoom link. Keep in mind that you do not have to share your screen while sharing your sound. See this link for information about sharing only your computer sound. Note that if someone else is sharing their screen (or sound) you might not be able to share your sound .


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