A game of skill and chance
Choose the stock (or stocks) that performed best in 2020 (year to date):
1.     Las Vegas Sands Corp. (Common)
2.     Fox Corporation - Class A (Common)
3.     Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (Common)
4.     Nielsen N.V. Ordinary Shares
5.     Dominion Energy, Inc. (Common)
Game Information
The stocks displayed are S & P 500 stocks. The goal is to pick the stock (or stocks) that you think had the best performance year to date, then click Submit. After you submit your stock picks, your score is calculated based on the overall percentage increase (or decrease) of the stocks that you select. Assume that you own an equal percentage of each stock that you select. For example, if you select 4 stocks, assume that you own 25% of each stock because 25 * 4 = 100. If you select 3 stocks, assume that you own 33.33% of each stock because 33.33 * 3 = 100 (technically, 99.99 but we round up).
Point Information
To calculate your score, do the following:
  • Note the total number of stocks that you selected (we'll call this TotalStocks)
  • Add the percentage change of each stock you selected (we'll call this TotalChange)
  • Divide the TotalChange number by the TotalStocks number and multiply the results by 100 to calculate your points
  • The formula can be written as Your Points = (TotalChange / TotalStocks) * 100
  • The number of points may be rounded up
Help/questions image
Not sure what to pick?
Consider picking several or all stocks/equities.
Picking more than one stock increases your chances of having a positive or net positive result.
Want a book recommendation?
You can find many books or articles about investing on Google or Amazon. Find popular books about investing
Most Points
1. Tester11
2. sjones2
3. TheYahman
4. Tester100
5. stonyr
6. abcdef
7. ironmatt1
8. tdp2119
9. RossBoss
Most Positive Picks*
Note: You have to make at least 20 picks to qualify for the positive picks ranking.
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