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Play games, get points
Many studies have shown that computer games and video games have cognitive benefits. Turns out we were not thinking about cognitive benefits when we developed most of our games. We developed most of our games because they offer a simple fun way to pass time. We also wanted to offer you a variety of ways to get points.
Try some games that you are not familiar with. Trying something new is sometimes a good way to excercise your mental muscles.
Game ratings
The game ratings are designed to help you understand the level of risk for each game. Risk in this scenario refers to the possiblity of losing points. If a game is rated G you can only win points or simply not get points - there is no downside. You cannot lose points for G rated games. If a game is rated PG or higher, then it is possible that you could lose points. The ratings are sort of like the movie ratings:
  • Rated G - For general audiences. No risk of losing points.
  • Rated PG - Professional guidance suggested. You might want to consult with a pro (or Google) before playing. There is a medium risk of losing points.
  • Rated R - Risky if you don't know what you are doing. Play with caution.
  • Rated X - Extra risky if you don't know what you're doing. Play with caution.

If you want to simply earn points without risk play G rated games. If you have a lot of points and want to be adventerous play any game that interests you. A little risk from time to time makes life fun.

Send game feedback
Use the feedback link to send us feedback about our games. If you are logged in, the feedback link is in the main navigation menu - click on your name and you'll see the Feedback link in the dropdown menu. If you are on a large screen you may see a Feedback link on the right side of your screen. The feedback link is also on the bottom of each page, next to the Privacy link.
Be sure to complete our Game Poll. Your responses will help us decide which games to offer. The more people who like a game the more seriously we will consider offering it.
Have fun and good luck!
Virtual Party Pack
Visit our Virtual Party Pack page for icebreakers and game suggestions that you can incorporate into your next virtual event.
Subscriptions and Points
Visit our Subscription Page to upgrade your acccount and get more points and benefits.
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