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Game and Activity Ideas
Liven up your virtual event with our game and activity ideas!
Game 1: Virtual Feud
  • Answer questions using the Virtual Feud site. Virtual Feud is inspired by Family Feud.
  • Virtual Feud works best with 2 teams. For example, you can have a battle of the sexes theme (Men vs. Women) or some other theme that suits you.
Game 2: Breakout Room Activity
Place everyone in a breakout room. Decide the number of breakout rooms based on the group size. Ask each breakout room group to come up with a team name and a team spokesperson. The teams will compete later in the evening. The breakout room objectives can be:
  1. Come up with a cool team name
  2. Pick a team spokesperson
  3. Talk about something interesting (you can provide a topic).
Game 3: Popular Song Parody (Team Play)
  • Each team can create a parody of a popular song.
  • Basically, each team will come up with humorous or amusing words to a popular song.
Game 4: Scattergories (Team Play)
Game 5: Two Truths and a Lie
Game 6: Did You Know
  • This game is similar to Two Truths and a Lie but this time you are guessing what is TRUE about each person.
  • Visit Did You Know to play with sample data.
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  • See the game information section for more details.
Game 7: Rhythm and Rhyme
  • The goal of Rhythm and Rhyme is to get your group to come up with lyrics for a song. Afterwards someone will rap or sing with the lyrics provided by the group.
  • Ask everyone to contribute 2 or 4 rhyming sentences.
  • Everyone should provide their lyrics (sentences) in the chat. To start things out you should provide 2 or 4 rhyming sentences to give participants an idea of the cadence that will be used. For example, I woke up this morning and the sky was blue. I thought about taking a trip to the zoo, works well with many instrumental beats.
  • The person who will rap or sing the song should be told ahead of time (prior to the event) so that they can find an instrumental beat that they like.
Game 8: Scavenger Hunt
  • Each person will try to find certain items in their house (or wherever they are). The person who finds the most items wins.
  • Visit the Scavenger Hunt page to see sample items.
Game 9: Bust A Move
  • This is a simple activity to get everyone to move. Everyone should come up with a simple “dance” move that goes with a beat or song that you provide. The “dance” move should involve hand or head movements that are visible on the screen. Everyone can take turns doing their move.
  • The game moderator will call out various names. When a participant’s name is called, they will do their move and the entire group will also do their move.
  • Pick any upbeat popular song that you like.
Game 10: Classic Bingo
Game 11: Bingo Trivia
  • Play Bingo with trivia questions instead of numbers by adding Bingo Trivia to your list of games.
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  • See the game information section for more details.
Game 12: Werewolf (aka Mafia aka Prophets and False Prophets aka Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing)
  • Before the game starts, the game moderator privately identifies 2 individuals as “good guys” and 2 individuals as “bad guys”. The term "guys" refers to men and women. Also, note that this game appeals to most ages.
  • If you are using a tool like Zoom, you can privately message the 2 individuals who will be good and also private message the 2 individuals who will be bad. Make sure that each good guy knows who the other good guy is. Also, each bad guy should know who the other bad guy is.
  • The object of the game is to get eliminate the Werewolves (bad guys). Remember that there are 2 werewolves (bad guys), 2 good guys, and a Game Master (moderator).
  • The good guys should work together to identify the bad guys.
  • The bad guys should also work together to eliminate everyone.
Werewolf (bad guy) Powers
  • The werewolves can eliminate someone ONCE at the end of each round.
  • The werewolves eliminate someone by privately messaging the game master and telling him/her who they wish to eliminate.
Good Guy Powers
  • The good guys can privately message the game master to find out if someone is a bad guy. For example, a good guy can ask "Is Michael a bad guy?"
  • The good guys can ask about someone ONCE during each round.
Game Flow
  1. The werewolves (bad guys) are picked before the game starts (via private message).
  2. The good guys are picked before the game starts (via private message).
  3. Basically, the group will talk for a few minutes about who they think is a werewolf. They will then vote to eliminate the suspected werewolf. This is considered a round. A round involves talking for a few minutes and then voting to remove 1 suspect.
  4. If you are using Zoom, you can use the Zoom poll feature for the voting. After someone is eliminated or voted out they should turn off their video so that it is clear that they are not playing.
  5. The rounds (talking and voting) will continue until either both bad guys are eliminated, or until the bad guys eliminate everyone.
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