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Icebreaker Ideas
Use our Icebreaker activities to get people talking and mingling.
Icebreaker 1: Find the Person
  • Provide everyone with a list of things or characteristics that people should look for. You can place the list in the chat. For example:
    1. Find someone who speaks 2 or more languages.
    2. Find someone who lived in an Asian country.
    3. Find someone who was born in January.
  • A list of six to ten things to look for is fine for an icebreaker.
  • It’s best to have everyone send private messages when trying to find people who have a characteristic on the list. You don’t want people to message everyone and ask “Who speaks more than 2 languages?”. The goal is to encourage one on one chatting.
Icebreaker 2: Humor
  • Share appropriate humor or funny memes/images with your group.
  • Anyone who feels that they have a funny joke can share it if it is appropriate for the group.
Icebreaker 3: Poll
If you are using a program that lets you do polls, you can conduct polls as an icebreaker. You can also conduct polls later in your event. It's usually best to pick an amusing or “not too heavy” topic. For example:
  • Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday?
  • Do you put ranch dressing on pizza?
  • If you had a lot of money which charity would you donate to?
Icebreaker 4: Name That Place
Find out who can name the places featured in the game Name That Place.
  • Login or sign up required. Only the game master needs to login/sign up.
  • Go to the Name That Place site.
  • Share your screen and ask your group to correctly identify the place featured in the image.
Icebreaker 5: Name That Person
Learn interesting things about people in your group with our Name That Person game.
  • Login or sign up required. Only the game master needs to login/sign up.
  • Go to the Name That Person site and follow the instructions below the game.
  • Share your screen and ask people in your group to correctly identify a fun fact about a person in your group.
Icebreaker 6: Location Shout Outs
  • Have participants use the chat to share the city and country they are joining from.
  • Recognize each location, if the list is not too big. If the list is big you can do some filtering on the fly and recognize countries or regions of the world.
  • You can use sound effects (with our Sound Sampler) to recognize each location.
  • If you are using Slido, you may be able to do a word cloud poll.
Icebreaker 7: Whose Slogan Is That?
  • Share a slogan and see who can guess which brand or company has (or had) that slogan. For example, can you guess the brands or companies that used the slogans below?
    1. So easy a caveman can do it. Geico
    2. Live in your world. Play in ours. PlayStation
    3. Obey your thirst. Sprite
    4. Belong anywhere. Airbnb
    5. Move fast and break things. Facebook
    6. Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz. Alka Seltzer
    7. Good to the last drop. Maxwell House
  • Click here for the answers.
  • See the Whose Slogan Is That game for more (Login or sign up required).
More icebreakers to comeā€¦
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